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Subject: Self-Introduction

Dear Professor Blackstone,

I am writing to introduce myself as a student in your Effective Communication class. Having graduated from diploma in environmental science in Republic Polytechnic, I’d been keen on furthering my studies in a local university due to the huge emphasis and importance placed on educational qualifications in this modern world. As education and learning is vital in our life, I feel the urge and drive to enhance my level of competencies. I am interested in studying Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Building Services) offered in Singapore Institute of Technology after my polytechnic education as I’d like to experience an entirely different lifestyle of being an engineer.

Having interned in the department of biological sciences in National University of Singapore during my year 3 Industry Immersion Programme (IIP) in polytechnic, I’d definitely understood the importance of effective communication where I’d to present my findings of certain plant species that were tasked to me to a group of professional researchers. This was when I’d experienced and understood that presentations and written communications are inevitable and of utmost importance for wherever I go.

As my polytechnic puts a bigger emphasis on presentations, I am proud to be more confident and adept in holding a better presentation to a group of audiences. However, though I can definitely say that I’d improved on verbal communications, I still believe that my feelings of stage fright are still present.

Hence, I hope to enhance on my effective communication skills that hold greater emphasis on better contextual presentations of findings and delivering of message to the intended audiences. Additionally, I hope to improve on my confidence in presentations so that I’d know exactly how to control my stage fright and present myself as a more confident speaker.

I look forward to your teachings and guidance in class.

Yours Sincerely,
Wong Jun Peng
SIE2017 Group 5


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